White Onion

White onions have an all-white skin and flesh. White onions are not as pungent as yellow varieties or as sweet as red onions. White onions are an immense alternate if you are in need of an onion flavor, but do not want it to be too powerful. A 100 gram serving provides 44 calories, generally as complex carbohydrate.

Farmer Name : Udmi Ram Yadav

Orchard : Udmi Ram Farm, Narnaul

Expected delivery
17th Jun 2021

Available Pack Sizes:

Approx 1kg


Udmi Ram is a second-generation farmer who has been growing vegetables for a very long time. He has procured organic certification for his farm and his farming practices and today supplies to a few stores across Delhi NCR. His son, Lekhram Yadav is the one spearheading the entire operation. There farm is NOP / NPOP certified.