Honeydew Musk Melon

Honeydew Musk Melon has a round to slightly oval shape, typically 15–22 cm (5.9–8.7 in) long. It generally ranges in weight from 1.8 to 3.6 kg (4.0 to 7.9 lb). The flesh is usually pale green in color, while the smooth peel ranges from greenish to yellow.

The honeydew is 90% water, 9% carbohydrates, 0.1% fat, and 0.5% protein. Like most melons, it is an excellent source of vitamin C, with one cup containing 56% of the recommended daily value. The honeydew is also a good source of vitamin B thiamine, as well as other B vitamins and the mineral potassium.

Farmer Name : Bhoma Jat

Orchard : Thar Dates Farms, Jaisalmer

Expected delivery
17th Apr 2021

Available Pack Sizes:

Approx 2 kg: (2-3 Pieces)


Bhoma Jat is an enterprising farmer from Rajasthan region. He has plantations across various districts of Rajasthan growing various fruits. His major plantations include Medjool Dates, Kholas Dates, Watermelons, Musk Melons & Pomegranates. Understanding the scarcity of water, Bhoma decided to move to Organic farming and use smart farming techniques to increase the productivity of the produce.