Chemical residue free

Kholas Dates

Natural Kholas dates are healthy. Sweet, soft, creamy, rich and delicious. They contain natural sugar, but they have a low/medium glycemic index score because they also contain a good amount of fibre, which slows the release of the carbohydrates and gives you sustained energy rather spiking your blood sugar crazy high.

Farmer Name : Bhoma Jat

Orchard : Thar Dates Farms, Jaisalmer

Expected delivery
16th Jun 2021

Available Pack Sizes:

Approx 400 Grams


Bhoma Jat is an enterprising farmer from Rajasthan region. He has plantations across various districts of Rajasthan growing various fruits. His major plantations include Medjool Dates, Kholas Dates, Watermelons, Musk Melons & Pomegranates. Understanding the scarcity of water, Bhoma decided to move to Organic farming and use smart farming techniques to increase the productivity of the produce.