Thompson Seedless Grapes

Thompson Seedless Grapes are one of the best variety of seedless green grapes in the country. Grown on a GAP certified farm, they are completely chemical residue-free and have an amazing taste. The fruit has a sweetness of 18 Brix and has an amazing crunch. The uniformity of berry size and exceptional quality make these grapes a hit.

Farmer Name : Dhimakala Pallavi Reddy

Orchard : Reddy Farms, Anantapur

Expected delivery
20th Jan 2021

Available Pack Sizes:

Approx 1Kg
350 325
Approx 2Kg
575 550


Pallavi Reddy's family has been in farming for almost 4 generations now. Being large landowners, they have focused their energies on horticulture where they grow many different kinds of fruits ranging from Mangoes to watermelons to sweetlime. Pallavi has gone back to her village to enable her produce to reach the customers in DELHI NCR directly so they too can have the best possible fruit. She intends to develop a strong farm to customer model via Farmery.