Buffalo Milk - Pouch

Farmery brings to you Farm fresh, hygienic milk sourced from exclusive farms, untouched by hand Buffalo Milk in an easy-to-use pouch, delivered directly to your door. Give your family the gift of pure, chemical-free, Un-adulterated buffalo milk.

Farmer Name : Farmery

Orchard : Farmery Farm Fresh, Haryana

Available Pack Sizes:

37 Ltr (Get 7 Ltr Free on 1 Month Pack )


After researching and understanding that the problem and the solution behind the varied taste and quality of milk lies within the farming practices, Our farmer began their journey of building an organised dairy farm. A farm where the practices would follow international quality and standards. They built a modern and organised dairy farm where the dairy cattle are provided with the greatest of care and attention. A farm where the animals are fed a balanced and quality diet formulated by a nutritional expert. A farm where the milking process maintains the greatest of hygiene through the use of automatic milking parlor for milking to ensure there are no undesired chemical changes within the milk and without any human intervention.