Chemical residue free

Kinnaur Apple Combo Box

This box of Apples is a combination of two amazing Apple Varieties - Kinnaur Richared Apples & Kinnaur Golden Delicious Apples which you rarely find at a store. Richared is a sweet, thin skinned apple with a rich and complex flavour. Golden delicious apples trees are pollinators and attract birds and bees which help in pollination in apple trees. Golden delicious apples are sweet and lightly tangy.

The box might be a perfect choice for families who want to try out both the tastes and colours.

Farmer Name : Meena Negi

Orchard : Ama Apple Farm, Kinnaur

Expected delivery
31st Oct 2020

Available Pack Sizes:

Approx 5Kg


Meena Negi has been looking after Ama Apple Farm for almost 4 decades now. Ama Apple Farm was planted in year 1920 and has since been growing amazing apples with no chemical residue, no artificial colouring and no wax. The family is living on the farm itself ensuring the quality of Apples that come to you are the same that they consume as a family.