Chemical residue free

Raw Monoflora Rosewood Honey

Rosewood honey is raw monofloral honey derived from bees which collect nectar on Rosewood (Sheesham tree) flowers. This honey is very thick and light golden in colour with subtle floral flavours, it excites your palate with a delicious lingering rose flavour finish.

Farmer Name : Krishan Kumar

Orchard : Honey Fresh Apairy, Hisar

Expected delivery
27th Oct 2020

Available Pack Sizes:

Approx 500 grams


Krishan Kumar is a honey farmer from Hisar district of India. During the season he places his Honey boxes all the way from Rajasthan to Punjab. Most of the honey is collected from uncultivated forest areas around Rajasthan border. The honey is raw in nature, is unpasteurized, non-standardised or treated. He has been in the trade for over 2 decades and presently exports it to Middle East & Europe.