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Poovan Pazham - Poovan Banana

Poovan is a small banana variety traditionally cultivated across Kerala. The variety has a medium-sized bunch, closely packed fruit which is thickly clustered. The fruit has very good keeping quality and there is a natural resistance to fruit cracking. The outer skin of the fruit turns blackish when the fruit is fully ripe. The banana also has a very good aroma.

Farmer Name : T Mashavan Nair

Orchard : Karukapallil Farms, Kottayam

Expected delivery
24th Jan 2021

Available Pack Sizes:

Approx 1kg
Approx 2Kg


T Madhavan Nair is a second-generation farmer from Kottayam. He grows Banana, Black Pepper and Rubber in his plantation other than vegetables, tubers and Paddy. A hard-working farmer, he is working hard to maintain traditional varieties which are native to Kerala. Through Farmery he wants to see if his produce has a market in Delhi.