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Ethapazham - Etha Banana

Pazham in Malayalam means fruit. Ethapazham means fruit if the Ethakya Banana tree. This is the real banana used to make banana fritters and banana chips. Long, orangish-yellow on the inside, with distinct black seeds, this banana is known for its dense pulp and amazing flavour. Very good for making fritters, chips and steamed banana, this fruit is a nice introduction to your fruit table.

Farmer Name : T Mashavan Nair

Orchard : Karukapallil Farms, Kottayam

Expected delivery
28th Oct 2020

Available Pack Sizes:

Approx 1kg
Approx 2Kg


T Madhavan Nair is a second-generation farmer from Kottayam. He grows Banana, Black Pepper and Rubber in his plantation other than vegetables, tubers and Paddy. A hard-working farmer, he is working hard to maintain traditional varieties which are native to Kerala. Through Farmery he wants to see if his produce has a market in Delhi.