Chemical residue free

Banana Robusta

Robusta bananas are the fruits of a banana cultivar belonging to the Cavendish subgroup. This is the commercially grown Banana cultivar in the country and is the most consumed fruit. These bananas are naturally ripened without the use of any chemicals helping the fruit to attain a good taste. These Bananas don't become bright yellow like artificially ripened Bananas but are great in taste.

Farmer Name : Ghanshyam Phule

Orchard : Phule Farms, Bhusawal

Expected delivery
17th Apr 2021

Available Pack Sizes:

6 pcs - 1/2 dozen
12 pcs - 1 dozen


Ghanshyam is a second-generation Banana farmer. His family had a small plot of land and used to grow Bananas in a traditional manner. When Ghanshyam took over he used a more scientific approach to farming and increased the production by improving on planting and irrigation for the crop.

Ghanshyam has been following natural farming practices for the past 4 years and has proven that it is possible to get a bumper crop in Bananas without the use of chemicals too.