Indian Avocado

Indian Avocado or makhan phal as it is known locally is grown in south and east of India. The fruit is similar to its imported cousin but more grainier. The fruit is used extensively on salads, guacamole and on toast. The consistency is buttery and plain when fully ripe. The fruit needs to be ripened well for consumption

Farmer Name : Dhananjayan D

Orchard : Hill Step Farms, Kodaikanal

Expected delivery
01st Dec 2020

Available Pack Sizes:

Approx 1 kg
500 500


After spending many years in the Merchant Navy, Dhananjayan decided to get to what he loved the most - after the sea - and that was lush green farmlands. He along with his partners bought farmland in Kodai Hills to ensure that the local population there gets employment and the produce comes to the customers directly. Dhananjayan grows Avocados, Bananas, Mangosteen & Passionfruit at his farm.