Musk Melon

Muskan is a new musk melon variety and is seen in the markets for the past 3-4 years. The fruit is globe-shaped, yellow rind with fine netting and weighs about 0.8-1.2kg. The flesh is pale green, soft and sweet with sugar content about 16-19%. One very important thing about his variety is that it has to be allowed to mature completely else it will never become completely sweet. Bhoma Ram grows this variety completely organically and that is the reason that this fruit comes to you sweet and naturally flavourful.

Farmer Name : Lekhram Yadav

Orchard : Udmi Ram Farm, Narnaul

Expected delivery
18th Apr 2021

Available Pack Sizes:

Approx 2kg (2-3 pieces)
Approx 5kg


Lekhram is a young progressive farmer from a family of hard working farmers carrying forward the legacy of 3 generations who have been actively involved in farming. Understanding the requirement of the present times, Lekhram moved towards organic farming early on and has a NOP & NPOP certification for his multiple produce intercropping farm. This gives him the bandwidth to grow a variety of produce on his farm. Being a small farmer it would not make sense for him to sell his produce to the mandi. Hence he wants to tie up with direct to home platforms which allow him to maximize his organic offering.