Chemical residue free

Flame Seedless Grapes

Flame Seedless is a sweet flavoured crunchy grape variety of the Thompson Seedless family. The grapes are seedless and purple in colour. The outer skin is crunchy and the grapes have an amazing keeping quality.

These grapes are a hit with kids who love them for their taste and colour.

Farmer Name : Prashant Kshirsagar

Orchard : Parth Farms, Nashik

Expected delivery
20th Jan 2021

Available Pack Sizes:

Approx 1kg
Approx 2kg


Prashant Kshirsagar is a third-generation grape farmer from Niphad Village in Nashik district of Maharashtra. The farm has been growing grapes since 1971 and is one of the premier grape growers in the region. For many years Prashant had only focussed on farming residue-free grapes for European markets. Since the last 4 years, he has taken interest in Indian markets and is introducing varieties which are not presently available in the retail market.