Kinnow is a sweet mandarin variety grown in the Greater Punjab region of India and Pakistan. The fruit is known to be sweeter than its country cousin - the Nagpur Orange. The fruit has greenish orange skin and has a high juice content. On complete ripeness, the fruit gets a beautiful mustard orange colour.

Farmer Name : Sushil Chowdhary {Chow}

Orchard : Narangah Organic Living, Sanganer

Expected delivery
20th Jan 2021

Available Pack Sizes:

Approx 2Kg
Approx 5Kg


Born in an agricultural family in Sri Ganganagar, Sushil Chowdhary (or Chow how he is fondly known) has over 60 years of experience in farming. Around 20 years ago Chow set up an organic farm, Narangah Organic Living, near Jaipur in village Hasampura in Sanganer district. Sushil's wife, Shelley Chowdhary is a nutritionist and has always had a bent towards Organic farming. They raised their children on the farm, bringing them up in the most holistic and organic environment possible. Good food, healthy environs and great mindset ensured that Shagun their elder daughter is India's only Olympian Trap Shooter and their younger one Shreiya is a creative technologist from New York University.
The Chowdhary family is very happy to share a piece of their pure and wholesome home with everyone.