Yellow Passion Fruit

The Yellow passionfruit has around to egg-like shape and thick yellow skin, oftentimes tinged with spots of lime green. The interior of its rind has soft creamy white walls and encases an exceptionally juicy yellow-orange pulp and many petite brown seeds. Its flavour is sweet, acidic and tropical with mild floral notes. Growing on a climbing vine the Yellow passionfruit has green tendrils and leaves and will bloom prior to fruiting. The ornate and colourful flowers of the Yellow passionfruit are larger more aromatic than the Purple variety.

Farmer Name : Joseph Tharappel

Orchard : Tharappel Farms, Kochi

Expected delivery
14th Mar 2021

Available Pack Sizes:

Approx 1kg
Approx 2Kg


Joseph Tharappel is a progressive farmer from Wayanad dist of Kerala. He grows many different varieties of fruit like Mangosteen, Lychee, Yellaki Banana, Avocado & Passionfruit. He has been dabbling with many different fruits to see how he can grow the best in the amazing landscape of Wayanad.