Peas - Matar

Chemical residue free
Grown with by Udmi Ram Yadav at VPO-Nangal Choudhary Narnaul 123023

Orchid : VPO-Nangal Choudhary Narnaul 123023

Reaches you by: 03rd Feb 2022

Available Pack Sizes :

₹ 95


Approx 500 grams

About The Product


About The Product


About The Farmer

Udmi Ram is a second-generation farmer who has been growing vegetables for a very long time. He has procured organic certification for his farm and his farming practices and today supplies to a few stores across Delhi NCR. His son, Lekhram Yadav is the one spearheading the entire operation. There farm is NOP / NPOP certified.
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