Mahabaleshwar Strawberries

Chemical residue free
Grown with by Sunil Dhondiba Bhilare at Mahabaleshwar

Orchid : Mahabaleshwar

Reaches you by: 03rd Feb 2022

Available Pack Sizes :

₹ 550


Approx 620 gm

About The Product

Mahabaleshwar is known around India as the hub of all strawberries in the country. The strawberries from the region is one of the best that grows in the country. The fruit is known for its amazing taste and good size (sweetness). Flown in the same day of the harvest, these are the freshest strawberries that you can get.

About The Farmer

Sunil Dhondiba Bhilare is also known as the king of strawberries in India. Sunil Dhondiba Bhilare has been growing strawberries for over 15 years and has perfected the art of growing this delicate fruit. Sunil Dhondiba Bhilare was one of the first people in India to understand the demand for fresh strawberries and started growing and supplying them. Sunil Dhondiba Bhilare is sending Arohan & Nabela Variety to us.
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