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founder farmery
I started Farmery

to bring fresh, pure milk for my own kids. I remember my mother used to get milk delivered to our home, from the local milkman. He was cooperative, understood our family’s needs, and over time became like an extended family member we could rely upon. Sadly, in the past decade or so, this trusted network of local milkmen has disappeared.

My team and I are building Farmery to bring back that local milk supply chain. We have partnered with cattle-owners, in the vicinity of New Delhi. Every morning, farm fresh milk is delivered to your home from these cattle farms, within hours of milking.

It’s like having a cattle-shed in the backyard of your urban home. Just like the old days.

Vivek - Founder & CEO, Farmery

100+ Reviews on Facebook, Google

Kusum Gill

Google Reviews 4/5

Very professional and quick to respond to our needs regarding delivery and requirements. Milk is good in quality and fresh. Thanks for being there for our families!!

Mona Arora

Google Reviews 5/5

I am thankful to farmery team for the best quality milk and best services. The delivery boys are very polite. I am 43 year old single woman, sufferings from arthritis. I have been looking for best quality milk. The delivery boy is so helpful, i can't run to open the door coz of my health. They are so patient and polite. I can't wait for them to start supplying ghee and cheese. Well if you are concern about your health, you can trust farmery. I have encouraged many of my relatives and friends to buy milk from farmery.

Sidd Mohan

Facebook Reviews 5/5

My family has been a buyer of Farmery's milk for over a year now. I think these guys are doing a great job of delivering what they promise. I like how easy it is to update your order when you are planning to be out of town. And the deliveries reach on time. The few times we were unhappy with the milk they were quick to take corrective measures. Well done Farmery team.

Palki Sharma

Facebook Reviews 5/5

You guys are too awesome. Providing purest form of milk. Taste itself justifies everything about the product. :)

Nina Arora

Facebook Reviews 5/5

Very satisfied customer, excellent milk quality that tastes so pure and healthy as compared to other packaged milk, must try!


Where is my milk Coming from?

Your milk comes from local, mid-sized cattle farms nearby New Delhi. These are typically cattle owners with 30-40 cows and buffalos. We have partnered with such farms and closely monitor their setup. Once the buffalos are milked, their milk is pastuerized and delivered to your home within a few hours.

No Pesticides, No Growth Enhancers. No Chemicals. Right?

Of course. We closely monitor and test every partner farm continuously. You can be assured that Farmery Milk is free of any chemicals, pesticides, growth enhancers, preservatives, antibiotics or anything unwanted. For the past 3 years, our milk samples have been continuously tested by Farelabs Food Analysis & Research Laboratory, in Gurgaon. You can request for the latest reports, with a message on facebook.

It’s simple. It’s just Milk. Nothing more. Nothing less.

I have a young kid. Should I try #FarmeryMilk?

Sure, that’s the whole purpose of #FarmeryMilk; to help parents find the cleanest milk possible. 9 out of 10 kids immediately like the natural taste of our milk. If you’re weaning your kid, you may want to dilute the milk with an equal volume of water for the first couple of days. #FarmeryMilk is thick, and that'll help your child get accustomed to milk.

When will I receive my milk, if I start the trial pack?

You can choose the first day of your trial. If you can signup for a trial before 8 PM, your first bottle of milk can be delivered on the very next morning. You may receive a call from our delivery team to confirm the details of your address.

What is the price after the trial period?

One liter of buffalo milk costs Rs 75/- after the trial period has expired.

Why is Buffalo milk Pasteurized and not Raw?

Most of our buffalo farmers are small farmers, with 3-5 cattle-heads. As the buffalo milk grows in demand and the dairy farmers have about 30-40 buffalos each, we'll start doing Raw Buffalo Milk. At such a small scale, it's not feasible to set up the process to chill the milk all the way in the journey from farm to your home. And hence, to avoid curdling during transportation, we are serving Pasteurized Buffalo Milk.

Can I visit any of your farms?

Of course. Every month, we have people visiting our farms to spend time with the cows and buffalos, see the process behind their milk and know the people who the #DairyFarms. You could drop us a word on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll help you plan a trip.

What if my area is not listed in the signup form?

Don’t worry. We are slowly building our delivery network all over New Delhi. In case you see a nearby region listed, please drop a message on Facebook. We’ll quickly check with our hub manager and see if any exception can be made for you. Otherwise, we’ll drop you a message as soon as we begin in your area :)

Where can I learn more about #FarmeryMilk?

It’s simple. You can follow our Facebook or Instagram page. We share videos every day, from our farms. You’ll discover the way we treat our cattle, what they eat, the daily routine of calves and so much more. Alternatively, if you have questions, you can message us anytime. We’ll reply within 24 hours :)