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Farmery Buffalo Milk

Buffalo Milk Subscription (Prepaid)


Vegetarian | Serving-Size: 1 Ltr x 30

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Give your family a healthy start every morning.

Farmery brings pure, raw and unadulterated buffalo milk ‘as it is’, directly from the farm to your table each morning, within a few hours of milking.

Milked from healthy and happy buffalos, with utmost hygiene, this is as fresh as milk can get.

With Farmery, you can be assured that your daily glass of milk has:

  • Superior nutrition that is absorbed easily by the body

  • No pesticides, chemicals or additives

  • No hormones like oxytocin or antibiotics

  • No preservatives

  • No loss of enzymes due to pasteurisation

  • No added fat

  • No leaching from plastic containers

Perfectly safe for young children as well as adults, a daily glass of Farmery milk gives you the daily dose of protein, calcium and essential vital nutrients and minerals.

Feel the difference, with Farmery Buffalo’s Milk.


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