Our farms

Our Farms


We are tying up with professionally managed farms to provide premium quality milk as per our high standards. We ensure that our farms are not more than 1 hour's drive from the city, in order to ascertain that the milk reaches fresh from the farm within couple of hours of packaging. We enforce farms to adopt strong processes and systems for cattle and farm management. 


Some of the basic pre-requisites for our farms are as below:


    • Cows have access to food and clean water 24 hours a day
    • Automated equipment for milking and chilling to maintain hygiene standards
    • Ensuring regular veterinary care, periodic check-ups and vaccinations for the cattle
    • Adequate facilities for cattle comfort 
    • Clean energy via solar panels installed for electricity generation
We are also gearing ourselves for growth by identifying select farmlands around NCR to ensure pure and safe milk for our growing subscribers.