Frequently Asked Questions


A. About Farmagic

In this day and age, when finding and identifying the right food produce has become a herculean task – it is but natural to find yourself wishing for someone to help you make the right choices for your family. At Farmagic, we hope to be that someone for you, where we serve all things natural, healthy, and wholesome.

We're currently operational in parts of Delhi and Gurgaon. We'll keep adding to our list of cities as we expand our operations.
Yes, we’re always looking out for interesting Food Artistes. Please write to us at [email protected] or contact us on +91 9899-779-559.
For high resolution logo, photos and any other information please e-mail us on [email protected]
Our current office is at: Natural Box Retail Private Limited, H-05 and H-33 Lower Ground Floor, Sushant Shopping Arcade, Sushant Lok-1, Gurgaon-122009
Yes, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
We have an Andriod app available to manage your daily subscriptions and place orders.  Find Farmagic on Google Play Store. We would be coming with the iOS version soon

B. Sign-Up And Account

While we strongly recommend you to sign-up before you place an order, due to a number of benefits, it is certainly not mandatory for you to sign-up. You can order as a guest. If you place an order as a guest on the website, a user account will be auto-created for you for your convenience and the access to the same will be communicated to you on your e-mail.
Not to worry! We’ve made it simple for you to retrieve your password. Follow the below steps:
  • Click Log In on the top right of the site page to access the log in page.
  • Click 'Forgot Your Password?' link available on the bottom right of the log in page.
  • Enter your e-mail in the displayed field.
  • We will send you a link in your e-mail.
  • You can reset your password instantly by clicking the link.
Most certainly! We’re committed to making your food ordering process simple, convenient and fun. And, we can do it only if you provide us with your details by signing up. Some of the key advantages of signing up with us are:
  • Quicker and smoother transactions.
  • Saving of past delivery addresses to reduce time for future ordering.
  • History of past orders and their details.
  • Promotional offers from time to time.

We’re extremely sorry if our e-mails have bothered you.

You can conveniently unsubscribe from our e-mails by clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of the e-mail you have received from us. Alternatively, you can also unsubscribe to the communication through your account settings. However, we will really appreciate if you could spare a moment to share your reason(s) for unsubscribing to help serve you better.
We understand that you value your privacy, and we respect it. Farmagic is committed to maintaining complete confidentiality and privacy of the data that you share with us. For more details, we urge you to go through our Privacy Policy.
Absolutely! We really appreciate you taking out your valuable time to provide feedback and write reviews of the food items you order and experience for our and other customers’ benefit. We and our Food Artistes will use your reviews constructively to constantly improve our service.

C. Orders & Deliveries

You can review the status of your orders and other related information in the 'My Orders' section.
  • In the 'Dashboard', click on the 'My Orders' link to view the status of all your orders. To view the status of a specific order, click on the 'Order Number' link.
  • You can contact us via live chat, e-mail & phone along with your order Id or mobile number.
  • Payment Pending Authorization: Your order has been logged and we are waiting for authorization from the payment gateway.
  • Payment Authorized, Order under Processing: Authorization has been received from the payment gateway and your order is being processed by the seller.
  • Order Cancelled: The order was cancelled.
  • Successful Orders: Your order has been successfully serviced.
While we believe that ordering online is the most convenient and efficient way to order food, we certainly do provide the facility for taking orders over phone. You can call us at +91 9899-779-559.

Yes, but there are some constraints to it. Once an order is placed it can be cancelled or edited only if it is outside of the specific food item order lead times. This ensures there is no wastage as well as the order reaches you in the committed time frame and in the desired condition. In order to cancel an order completely or partially, please contact us at +91 9899-779-559.

For more details, please refer to our Cancellation & Refund Policy.
Currently we operate within certain days, times and service areas. We will surely keep expanding in future. For more details, please refer to our Service Hours & Areas details. However, you can place advance orders anytime, 24x7.
Your order will be delivered to you at your doorstep in our service areas by our well-trained delivery team to the address you've given to us.
We want to ensure the best quality of customer service and hence, we might levy nominal delivery changes depending on the food items and your delivery area. These will be clearly indicated in your cart before you checkout.
We have just begun our operations and started with a limited area. However, we have grand plans to quickly expand and cover more and larger areas. We request you enter your details on our home-page in case we don’t service your area currently and we will keep you notified as and when we start servicing your area. In the meanwhile, we would value your patience!
While placing an order, before checkout, we’ll ask for your preference on the date and time-slot (where applicable) for the delivery. Once you've made your choice, you can expect the food to be delivered within the requested time-slot. In case of any potential delays, we’ll keep you informed.
At the outset, we are extremely sorry for the delay. However, on rare occasions, orders may get delayed due to unforeseen circumstances like order rush, heavy traffic, difficulty in locating the address, bad weather, delay in preparation, etc. We appreciate your understanding and truly value your loyalty and wish that you’ll give us another chance to prove ourselves.

D. Payments

Absolutely, 100%. All transactions on Farmagic are completely safe and secure. We work with world-class payment gateways to process your payment and ensure secure ordering for all our customers. No financial data is gathered without a secure layer for the transaction. All the information is processed using SSL data encryption, which protects the information from being viewed by anyone.
Don’t panic! Your money is safe and will be refunded. In case you don’t receive your money back within 10 working days, please get in touch with us at [email protected]
You can use any one of the following payment methods:
  • Credit Card (Visa / Master / AmEx)
  • Debit Card (All leading bank debit cards)
  • NetBanking (For all leading banks)
  • Cash / Card On Delivery (COD)
Currently only Cash on Delivery available. Other Payment Methods coming very soon!
Absolutely! You can try either of the following modes of payment:

  • NetBanking - You may use your internet-enabled bank account to book an order online.
  • Cash on Delivery - You may choose to pay cash at the time of delivery of your order(s) at your doorstep.

None, Never! We will never hide any costs from you. The price and charges mentioned on the site are all you need to pay.

We do, however, recommend that you go through the fine-print of our promotional offers that we may run from time to time to be completely clear about their terms and conditions.
Absolutely! You can make use of our Cash / Card On Delivery option. By selecting this payment option, you can pay for your order at your doorstep when its delivered to you by cash or by using your credit / debit cards.
Sorry, we cannot accept cheques. It is advisable to either pay online or keep cash ready when the delivery is expected.
Unfortunately we do not accept payment via Sodexho, Ticket Restaurants or any other food meal vouchers as of now. We’ll keep you informed in case we are able to accept any of these in future.

E. Review Creation Guidelines

Reviews on Farmagic are a great way to contribute to the community and help other customers decide where to order from and what to order. Here are some tips to writing good reviews:
  • Have you tried the particular food item that you’re writing a review for? It's always better to review a food item and / or Food Artiste that you have personally experienced. Hence, you can ONLY add a review once you have ordered that food item.
  • Educate your readers: Provide a relevant, unbiased overview of the food item and / or Food Artiste. Readers are interested in the pros and the cons of the food created by the artiste. While it is okay to let your personality affect your review, make sure your opinion is relevant and backed by facts.
  • Stay concise and ensure easy readability: Be creative but also remember the virtue of brevity. A catchy title and focus on the topic will always get attention! A quick edit and spell check will add considerably to your credibility.
Customer reviews should be relevant to the food item and Food Artiste in question. The review section on Farmagic is for you to share your opinion on the food item and Food Artiste, and for other customers to benefit from your experience. Farmagic reserves the right to remove reviews that include any of the following:
  • Irrelevant review (Review consisting of a combination of random characters, random words, repeated content, reviews of another food item or food artiste, service feedback including availability, order or payment related queries)
  • HTML embedded in text
  • Pricing related comments
  • Personal information (Phone number, postal address, e-mail and others)
  • Profane comments
  • Inflammatory comments
  • Copyrighted comments or Plagiarized content (content found elsewhere on the internet, even if you're the original author)
  • Promotional content
  • Reviews by or on behalf of a person or company with a financial interest in the food item or a competitor's food item (reviews by authors, artists, publishers, manufacturers without disclosure)
  • Reviews written for any form of compensation
  • Reviews given using fake IDs or user e-mails
  • Asking for helpful votes
  • Review in any language other than English
  • Feedback about errors in the food item description, menu, etc.