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Farmery Cow Milk

Farmery Farm Fresh Cow's Milk is an honest attempt to serve nutritious, chemical-free and preservative-free milk.
It's an equivalent of serving fresh whole milk from your own farm while being present in an urban living


Nutritious and chemical free fodder

What the cows eat determines the quality of milk. Our cows are fed with a balanced ration incorporating all vital nutrients (energy, proteins, minerals and vitamins) in right proportions. Cows have access to clean drinking water free from presence of any harmful heavy metals.


No synthetic growth hormones

The cows are not given any hormonal injections to boost the milk yield. Studies have linked the consumption of milk contaminated with oxytocin to the early onset of puberty in children, which is on an alarming rise these days.


No preservatives and adulterants

The milk obtained from the cows is unadulterated and does not have any preservatives (such as formalin), which is widely used by local dairy vendors. We ensure the milk stays safe by using cold supply chain processes.


Environment friendly

Glass is one of the safest materials, non-toxic and non-reactive, as compared to other packaging materials such as plastic, which can leach into food products. Our brand values don’t go with plastic or anti-environment materials, thus we use glass bottles for packaging.